About Me

My name is Jiaxin Liu. One year ago I was supposed to wear a lab coat doing experiments all day long. Now I’m holding a camera, trying to capture the best moments in my life. One year ago, I was in Canton (in the southern part of China), a city where summer seems never end. Now I’m in Boston, a place where winter stays half a year. What do you say? Life is a mystery.

As a graduate student in science journalism program at Boston University, I especially have strong interests in multimedia and broadcasting journalism, including video production, photography, TV reporting/anchoring, and investigative writing. I can either edit a news package of 2 minutes within 20 minutes anywhere in the world as long as I have a MacBook, or spend a whole month writing one single feature story. I’ve never scared of on-screen performing. That’s why I look much more natural on screen than I actually am in real life. Just kidding…You wondering who I am? Not even do I know at this moment. The only thing for sure is, you will find more.

Interested? Hire me! Won’t let you down. 🙂

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